Stop Smoking


Statistics show that only 3% of smokers who quit through the use of willpower alone succeed. Whether you’ve tried to quit smoking before and failed or you’re thinking about it for the first time, give yourself a fighting chance. ‘Stop Smoking’ will keep you alert and awake, and keep those cravings away, all in 30 minutes.
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Length of recording: 30 minutes
High Quality 320kps MP3
Price: $24.97 $17
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The ‘Stop Smoking’ MP3 can help you -
  • Overcome nicotine addiction
  • Eliminate the smoking habit
  • Keep cravings away
  • Remain alert without the use of nicotine or other drugs

The Stop Smoking experience -

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed during your listening experience. Get comfortable, put your stereo headphones on and press the “play” button on your listening device. The effects of the binaural beats are immediate. Your mind remains calm and alert and your body is relaxed. You feel as though you are experiencing a day at the spa. When you return to reality, you feel a sense of calm that you haven’t felt since before you started smoking. You can do it.
Join the thousands of people who have taken the steps to bring positive change to their lives simply, naturally, and safely by using binaural beat technology. Buy now through our secure online ordering system. Take control – you can change your life.

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