Technology has made our lives much more complex than it used to be. When you’re inundated with too much information, your mind can become weighed down and confused.  But technology can also help you sort out and prioritize all those scattered thoughts and get back to functioning at your optimal level  - in just 45 minutes, with ‘Laser Focus.’ Return to the tasks at hand knowing that you’ll complete them quickly, efficiently and easily.
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Length of recording: 30 minutes
High Quality 320kps MP3
Price: $24.97 $17
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The ‘Laser Focus’ MP3 can help you -
  • Focus and remain focused for long periods of time – ideal for students
  • Concentrate on highly technical projects
  • Improve logical thinking
The Laser Focus experience -

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed during your listening experience. Get comfortable, put your stereo headphones on and press the “play” button on your listening device. The effects of the binaural beats are immediate. Feel your body become relaxed, as things start to come together in your mind – like an athlete who has reached the zone where mind and body work in harmony effortlessly, as your brain reaches a state of even deeper concentration and develops the ability to sustain the level of focus it has achieved. Return to the world of multi-tasking - completely relaxed, recharged and ready to work.
Join the thousands of people who have taken the steps to bring positive change to their lives simply, naturally, and safely by using binaural beat technology. Buy now through our secure online ordering system. Take control – you can change your life.

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