Attract Love


When we truly begin to radiate love from within ourselves, the charge of that potent feeling makes us like an undeniably powerful magnet for loving relationships.  Whether you seek familial love, the love of friendship or the fiery passionate love of a romance, the true key lies within!  The use of this 30 minute recording will bring you on a journey through creativity, reflection, profound joy and relaxation as you tune your body and soul to the frequency of your ideal mate!
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Length of recording: 30 minutes
High Quality 320kps MP3
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The ‘Attract Love’ MP3 can help you -
  • Shift your energy to a state of guiltless receiving
  • Balance and open your heart to a space of connection
  • Release self-deprecating thoughts
  • Elevate your mood and energy levels
The Attract Love experience -

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed during your listening experience. Get comfortable, put your stereo headphones on and press the “play” button on your listening device. The effects of the binaural beats are immediate.  You are able to easily sit back as your heart stirs and your mind connects your physical form to your Astral Body, creating an irresistible magnetism around your entire being.  Your chest grows full to bursting with an enchanting light that is undeniably coming from your own truest desires.  You awaken from the blissful meditation with radiant charge and an open connection between your heart and your mind.
Join the thousands of people who have taken the steps to bring positive change to their lives simply, naturally, and safely by using binaural beat technology. Buy now through our secure online ordering system. Take control – you can change your life.

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